Cancellation and Refund Policy

1.  Policy

This policy forms part of, and should be read in conjunction with, GPEx Limited’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and any other terms, conditions and policies published on this website or otherwise provided to you.

2.  Your rights

You have rights under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), which this policy does not change. These rights include that you can request a refund where:

  • you have paid for a product that we are unable to deliver to you; or
  • there is a major issue with the product that would have prevented you from purchasing it had you known in advance.

The terms of this policy apply subject to your rights under the ACL.

3.  Refund and cancellation

GPEx will otherwise consider any other request for a refund on a case-by-case basis, having regard to the circumstances of the request.  GPEx may approve or deny any such refund request in its discretion. Please carefully review the materials published on our website relating to your chosen product before you purchase a product.  We will not provide you a refund if you simply change your mind. You may cancel your enrolment in a product in the following circumstances in which case we will refund the product fees to you less our cancellation fee described below:

Circumstances of Cancellation

  • We receive your request for cancellation within 10 business days after you pay for that product and you have not accessed the product materials – full refund less $25 transaction fee
  • We receive your request for cancellation after 10 days from the date you pay for that product or after you access the product material and we, in our discretion, accept your request – $50 cancellation fee or the purchase price (whichever is less)

Note: we will generally approve these requests provided you have accessed less than 25% of the product materials.

4.  Cancellation by GPEx

If we cancel a product or are otherwise unable to provide your chosen product to you, GPEx will offer you an equivalent or substitute product. If GPEx is unable to offer an equivalent or substitute product or if you do not wish to continue in that equivalent or substitute product, you will receive a full refund of the product fees paid.

5.  Timescale for refund

GPEx will process any approved refunds or cancellations as soon as reasonably practicable. GPEx will endeavour to do so within 5 business days from the day on which it was approved.

6.  Transfers

If you wish to transfer directly into another product, and we agree to your transfer request, no cancellation fee will apply to the original product. If the product fees for the product to which you wish to transfer are greater than the amounts paid by you for the first product, you must pay the difference within 14 days of the transfer request being approved by GPEx.

7.  Further information

If you have any questions, would like further information, or wish to request a refund or cancellation, please contact the helpful team here.