GP Fellowship Exam Preparation (ModMed)

Our high-quality suite of GP Fellowship exam preparation courses teach targeted strategies and techniques, and provide exam candidates with meaningful, individualised feedback to guide their learning for the full duration of their exam preparation journey.

Course content is crafted by experienced Australian-based medical educators who understand the exams and have successfully supported thousands of doctors on their Fellowship journey for over 20 years.

Go into your exams with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to achieve your Fellowship goals.


Comparison GuideDr MCQDr KFPAKT+KFP Ultimate
Subscription period18 months18 months18 months
One-on-one performance coaching sessions (2 x 60mins)✅✅✅
MCQ question bank + benchmarking dashboards✅❌✅
KFP question bank❌✅✅
KFP webinars with medical educators❌✅✅
Half + full length mock KFP exams marked by medical educators with feedback❌✅✅
KFP Coach (40 cases x 10 weeks)❌❌✅

Free Exam Preparation

Get off to a great start with some free high-quality exam preparation!

  • Mini AKT/ MCQ exam with immediate results, peer benchmarking and insights into your exam readiness
  • Video of tips, tricks and techniques for the KFP
  • eBook of power tips for the CCE

RACGP Clinical Competency Exam (CCE)

Comparison GuideDr CCEDr CCE Premium
Subscription periodTo next RACGP CCETo next RACGP CCE
Small group mock exam✅✅
Practice cases and online resources✅✅
Webinars with medical educators✅✅
One-on-one medical educator session (1 x 80mins)❌✅
One-on-one performance coaching sessions (2 x 60mins)❌✅

Free CCE eBook

Download 8 High Power Tips to pass the RACGP Clinical Competency Exam and build the foundations of your exam preparation