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Pro Start Anaesthetics


Broaden your skills and career options with this workplace-based introduction to GP anaesthetics training (18 month enrolment)

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Solid foundation for GP anaesthetics training
Workplace-based training with student nominated supervisor
Recognised by ACRRM for Core Clinical Training
4 hour online course + prescribed activities + theatre sessions

About this Program

A workplace-based introduction to build a solid foundation for GP anaesthetics training.   

Pro Start Anaesthetics helps you obtain the knowledge and skills you need to gain a Core Clinical Training rotation in anaesthetics, which can also be applied to other areas such as obstetrics and emergency medicine.  

ACRRM recognises this program to satisfy the Core Clinical Training requirements in anaesthetics for candidates undertaking the FACRRM.  

The program is designed to be completed through a combination of readings, prescribed activities (with assessment by the GP anaesthetist supervisor) and theatre work (15 theatre sessions, 3.5 hours per session) utilising a convenient and easy-to-use online platform. Theatre logbook sheets, activity sign off and module feedback forms are included to monitor your progress and achievements.   

Participants are required to source their own supervisor. This is usually a GP anaesthetist, but may be a specialist anaesthetist. Your supervisor will assess the activities and verify the logbook records and will receive access to the learning platform at no extra charge. It is up to both you and your supervisor to manage all of the theatre sessions, modules and activities.   

 You will receive 18 months access to this course, however, participants usually complete the program within 6-12 months.   

Program Content

Learning Outcomes

This course will help you achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Perform an appropriate preanesthetic assessment and obtain informed patient consent.  
  • Develop an understanding of anaesthetic equipment, including the anaesthetic machine and anaesthetic cart, and understand the importance of patient monitoring.  
  • Improve your knowledge of the pharmacology and uses of common general anaesthetic agents and muscle relaxants, including the indications for performing a Rapid Sequence Induction.  
  • Obtain an understanding of the key aspects of airway management, breathing, ventilation and circulation as it relates to anaesthesia.  
  • Develop an understanding of the use of procedural sedation and regional anaesthesia, including the associated pharmacology, indications and risks.  
  • Develop an awareness of post-operative care in anaesthesia, including the management of nausea, vomiting and pain.  
  • Obtain an understanding of the anatomical and physiological changes in obstetric and paediatric patients.  
Course Content
  • Pre-anaesthesia assessment  
  • Anaesthetic Machine and Equipment  
  • General Anaesthesia  
  • Muscle relaxants  
  • Airway Management  
  • Breathing and Ventilation  
  • Circulation  
  • Procedural Sedation  
  • Regional Anaesthesia  
  • Postoperative Care  
  • Obstetrics and Paediatrics  

Program recognised by

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