GP Obstetric Shared Care Newsletter | Wrapping Up 2023 | December 2023

Your GP Obstetric Shared Care Team are big believers in the power of staying in the loop! Your ongoing dedication and active participation in the program play a pivotal role in making it a success! We are thrilled to bring you the latest developments and pertinent updates in our Obstetric Shared Care Program, delivered promptly […]

Obstetric Shared Care Program Grows to 810 GPs

In 2023, The GP Obstetric Shared Care Program celebrates a year of notable achievements, underscoring advancements in antenatal care for low-risk pregnancies statewide in South Australia. By achieving key performance indicators, the program has not only elevated primary care in public maternity hospitals but also effectively alleviated the burden on outpatient services. Central to this […]

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GP Obstetric Shared Care Newsletter | Staying in The Loop! | November 2023

‘Genetic Screening, NIPT, FTS and there is more!’  GP Obstetric Shared Care CPD Activity  GP Partners Australia is proud to present another of our CPD Activities on the GP Obstetric Shared Care Calendar for 2023. Don’t miss out, the program is designed to inspire with our keynote speakers, invigorate your practice with cutting edge presentations, inform you about […]

GP Obstetric Shared Care Newsletter | It’s All About Genetic Screening | November 2023

Latest Updates Just for You! Hello! We’re thrilled to usher in a new edition of our GP Obstetric Shared Care newsletter – your exclusive gateway to all things pregnancy and shared care. Get ready to embark on a journey of insights, updates, and shared experiences that make our shared care family truly extraordinary. So, grab […]

GP Obstetric Shared Care | Springtime Antenatal Insights For You | October 2023

Latest Spring Updates! Hello! As we are nearing the end of October, and many of us continue to try to find the lost hour of daylight savings, we are pleased to welcome you to a Spring Edition of our Obstetric Shared Care newsletter. We anticipate that the GP Obstetric Shared Care Policy and PPG will be endorsed […]

Latest Winter Warming Updates!

Hello! Are you looking for a mid-week, mid-winter lift? Well – look no further and read on, because we will make your day feel like Spring has blossomed in your inbox! We are acutely aware that the current healthcare landscape is presenting many challenges, leaving many of you feeling somewhat drained and isolated. We deeply […]

Welcome to more Winter Wisdom!

Welcome to the first newsletter of the new Financial Year!  There is nothing quite like a roaring fire in winter. It tantalises all our senses – the virtual delight of watching the flames dance, the warmth the fire provides, particularly after coming inside from the cold, as well as the rich smell of burning logs. I […]

Welcome to Winter! GP Partners Australia Announces Exciting Merger

Hello! Welcome to the first newsletter of Winter! The colder evenings have arrived and are simply perfect for grabbing a glass of something nice, some chocolate and curling up on the couch to read your Obstetric Shared Care newsletter.We are delighted to share with you the resounding success of our recent two Accreditation Seminars, where we had […]

GP Shared Care Obstetric | ‘Natal Notes #3’ | April 2023

Sharing Important Updates With You! Hello! We hope that you are well and relishing the final bursts of fading sunny autumn weather. As daylight savings ends, the nights lengthen, our skies darken and colder weather maliciously seeps into our busy lives, we trust that you will draw comfort from one lovely thought – that our […]

GP Shared Care Obstetric | Important Updates For You #2 | February 2023

Important Updates for You! SA Pregnancy Hand Held Record Version 15 of the Pregnancy Hand Held Record is now available. Other versions are now not to be used. AMENDMENT: Space to Record Rubella Titre Result in SAPR In the recent update of the South Australian Pregnancy Record (SAPR version 15), the space to record the […]