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Dr CCE Premium


Comprehensive exam preparation package for RACGP CCE

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Small group mock exam and webinar series
1:1 practice with a medical educator
Tailored performance coaching
Online practice cases

About this Program

Dr CCE Premium is the perfect resource if you are feeling nervous, have failed the exam before, or want to set yourself up for the best chance of first-time exam success.

Dr CCE Premium is designed to give you additional, tailored support to prepare for your upcoming CCE exam. You will work with our medical educators in a one-on-one learning style, covering two additional CCE cases receiving targeted feedback.

Receive personalised advice and coaching in one-on-one sessions with a performance coach to help you overcome any barriers to success such as motivation, self-confidence, procrastination, work/life/study balance and exam anxiety.

You will also receive access to a selection of online exam preparation resources, including CCE practice cases, exam preparation tips, a reference library arranged by clinical topics, and information about non-clinical topics.

Program Content

Small Group Mock Exam

The small group mock exam includes 4 CCE cases over 2.5 hours. Delivered via Zoom, you will be the exam candidate for at least one case and observe the other members of your group for the remaining cases. Actors will be provided to role play cases, with individual feedback on your performance and approach provided by Medical Educators.

You will choose one of the following mock exam sessions to attend:

Dates to be confirmed.

Webinar Series

3 live webinars with our Medical Educators to work through 6 additional CCE cases (2 cases per webinar), plus 1 bonus live check-in webinar between exam weekends with our Performance Coach and a Medical Educator to reflect on your Day 1 CCE performance, discuss possible improvements, and get some useful support prior to Day 2 of the CCE.

Dates to be confirmed.

One-on-one Medical Educator Session

An individual session with a medical educator to work through two CCE cases. Receive additional exam preparation training and targeted feedback to bolster your CCE preparation.

The session is conducted via Zoom and runs for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Individual Performance Coaching Sessions

Personalised exam coaching through two 60-minute sessions with our Performance Coach, a qualified organisational psychologist, to help you address areas such as motivation, self-confidence, procrastination, work/life/study balance or exam anxiety.

Online Practice Cases and Resources

Receive immediate access to practice cases, exam preparation tips, examination videos to help with preparation, and information about non-clinical topics essential for exam success.

Our CCE practice cases have been tailored for practicing with your study partner/group. Each case includes separate documents for the candidate and the examiner, questions to ask the candidate, role player information, and a competency marking grid tailored to the case.


Thank you for providing the wonderful learning opportunity today with the Dr CCE small group mock exam. I found the practice and the targeted feedback very useful. It makes me feel more confident and it gives me great insight into how the exam day will play out. The time I have invested in today’s small group mock exam has been valuable and a great experience. Once again, thank you for your team effort, time and feedback. Much appreciated!

Dr CCE Premium participant

I just received my exam results today and I passed! Pass mark was 67 and I got 75! Thanks so much for your advice and guidance.

Dr CCE Premium participant

Medical Educators

Dr Maya Luks
Dr Marny Royans

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