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GP Partners Australia is a registered not-for-profit organisation supporting General Practitioners across the metropolitan and rural and regional areas of South Australia to care for the community. We are committed to promoting General Practice as the major focus of primary health care and as the prime entity for the delivery of effective integrated health management for individuals and families.

GP Partners Australia is focused on supporting GPs in the following key areas:

  • CONNECT GPs with each other and their wider community
  • Providing EDUCATION and TRAINING in key areas of General Practice and Shared Care Programs
  • Provide relevant RESOURCES, updates and support on current news, developments and changes in the area of General Practice, particularly during these challenging COVID-19 times.

GP Partners Australia and Health Industry Training are pleased to announce the ‘Healthy Practices Program’

The ‘Healthy Practices Program’ supports your organisation/practice to better manage the challenging side of workforce planning, the time and costs associated with developing professional development plans for existing workers and recruiting and providing training to new employees. 

The Healthy Practices Program provides an employment first approach and assists your organisation and staff realise untapped potential.

The Healthy Practices solution for existing workforce has been modelled to take advantage of the Skilling South Australia funding.

Existing employees will be offered funded training under the Skilling South Australia’s traineeship model. For an existing worker, this model provides flexibility in the Healthy Practices delivery model to include ‘on the job’ training and individualised worker support. 

Would your employees and organisation benefit from being offered upskilling?  If so, now is the time to discuss this your employees reading for commencing in 2022.

The ‘Healthy Practices Pre-Employment Solution’ secures future workforce development planning for health and community services throughout South Australia. 

The ‘Healthy Practices’ Pre-employment solution addresses the recruitment of appropriate employees by offering a suite of available traineeships which are demand driven by the respective health services employers.

The Healthy Practices Pre-Employment Solution provides employers with the opportunity in recruiting eligible and suitable employees in participating in pre-employment screening and vetting processes for potential candidates.

Benefits to you and your Practice

The South Australia Government offers an extensive range of qualifications available for current and future employees to undertake as part of the Apprenticeship and Traineeship model.  The major benefit to employers is the Boost funding that is available when employing a new traineeship.  This wage subsidy can cover a significant percentage of the new employees’ wages.

The Healthy Practices Solution manages the paperwork and processes for employers and are the enablers to access to SA supported funding for employers.

How To Access

To be part of our innovative ‘Healthy Practices Program’ and to learn more about the HEALTHY PRACTICES SOLUTION to your current workforce professional development needs, please complete the Expression of Interest form, and email to or by COB Friday 5th November 2021.

Please note: Information sessions will be held in late November. 

We encourage all employers to attend the information sessions to learn about the opportunities available to upskill current employees and receive support with future workforce planning needs.

Click Here – EOI Information Session 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

Leanne March
General Manager
GP Partners Australia
(M): 0418 803 844