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Dr KFP (question bank only)


Practice questions, mock exams and webinars for RACGP KFP (12 months access)

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340+ KFP practice questions
Identify your knowledge gaps
Understand the KFP exam technique
Optimise your exam preparation time

About this Program

The Dr KFP question bank is an ideal program to practice for the KFP exam and to identify any gaps you may have.

Prepare for the KFP exam with this up to date, high quality question bank written and maintained by our experienced Medical Educators and participate in mock exams to test yourself in exam conditions. Better understand the KFP exam, how answers are marked and common mistakes.

You will also receive exclusive access to live KFP exam preparation webinars hosted by our Medical Education team.

Program Content

KFP Exam Fundamentals

Detailed example questions explaining the KFP technique, what examiners are looking for, and how answers are marked.

340+ KFP Questions

Practice your technique and knowledge with 14 untimed topic-based quizzes, one timed half-length mock exam, and one timed full-length mock exam. Correct answers, explanations and references are provided for each question in the program.

We use Australian references where available and utilise free open access resources where possible. The two exceptions to this are: Therapeutic Guidelines and the Australian Medicines Handbook. While these require a paid subscription to access, we highly recommend you arrange access to these resources as they contain the most up to date and appropriate treatment guidelines for Australian general practice.

Live KFP Exam Preparation Webinars

Two live webinars with our Medical Educators every six months as they discuss KFP techniques, exam tips and hints (webinar 1) and work through sample KFP style cases and questions (webinar 2). Recordings of previous webinars are also available to view at any time. 


I am grateful for the last minute KFP revision I’ve experienced using Dr KFP. I highly recommend ModMed to others preparing for their fellowship exams.

KFP candidate, Australia

Medical Educators

Dr Maya Luks
Dr Marny Royans

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