GP Workforce Planning Update – August

GPEx has held its first Workforce Planning and Prioritisation (WPP) Steering Group meeting, chaired by Prof. Paul Worley. The meeting was attended by representatives from key organisations in the GP sector, including participants from both GP Colleges, Rural Doctors Workforce Agency, Local Hospital Networks, Flinders University, University of Adelaide, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Australian Indigenous Doctors’ […]

GP ADHD Shared Care Program

The South Australian GP ADHD Shared Care model is an exciting collaboration with CAMHS and GP Partners Australia, with the overarching goal of supporting GPs when caring for a young person who makes an informed choice to have care provided within a shared care arrangement. Shared care represents an opportunity to practice collaborative, holistic mental […]

Project ECHO – Enhancing Palliative Care

Creating a community of practice for shared learning and professional support. The need for integrated palliative care has never been greater. Our population is aging, and rates of terminal non-communicable diseases continue to progress. GP Partners Australia was recently awarded a grant through the Palliative Care 2022 Grants Program, an initiative of the South Australian […]

GP Partners Australia joins GPEx

On 1 July, the merger of GPEx and GP Partners Australia was completed, with GP Partners Australia now sitting within the GPEx offering. GP Partners Australia is a non-profit organisation based in South Australia. Its primary focus lies in administering GP Obstetric Shared Care Programs, including the Statewide SA GP Obstetric Shared Care Program, the […]

GPEx plays pivotal role in South Australia’s Omega-3 Test-and-Treat Program

GPEx is playing a pivotal role in South Australia’s Omega-3 Test-and-Treat Program, running a targeted awareness program to GPs to encourage and facilitate their participation in the program. Many healthcare professionals are simply unaware that the latest National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Department of Health National Pregnancy Care Guidelines recommend advising pregnant […]

GPEx and Jodi Lee Foundation join forces to promote bowel cancer screening

GPEx and the Jodi Lee Foundation have joined forces for the second consecutive year to provide comprehensive education on the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program to GPs and their health teams. The collaboration encompassed delivering a series of educational webinars as well as developing a National Bowel Cancer Screening Program Leaning Hub. The webinars, which attracted […]

New Website Brings GPEx Solutions Under One Roof

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new GPEx website that brings together our range of innovative solutions for primary care:  For our learners in particular, the single website allows them to access a one-stop shop for all their professional development needs throughout their careers, from GP Fellowship exam preparation to meeting their […]

New website for GPEx

Hormone Treatments Update

Oral Contraception and Menopause Another leading event, the program is designed to inspire with our keynote speakers, invigorate your practice with cutting edge presentations, inform you about the latest updates, as well as give you the opportunity to share your questions.  We are excited to provide this opportunity for GPs looking to broaden their skills […]

Welcome to more Winter Wisdom!

Welcome to the first newsletter of the new Financial Year!  There is nothing quite like a roaring fire in winter. It tantalises all our senses – the virtual delight of watching the flames dance, the warmth the fire provides, particularly after coming inside from the cold, as well as the rich smell of burning logs. I […]

Introducing ReturnToWorkPsych

Support your patients through their recovery and return to work Are you a Psychologist, Mental Health OT, accredited Mental Health Social Worker or Counsellor treating patients in the Return to Work Scheme? If so, you know that work-related psychological injury claims can sometimes be challenging to navigate, and these patients often require significant support to […]