Session Six | 18th January 2023

“Everyone at some point will experience the death of someone close to them. Grief is the normal emotional reaction to loss, but the course and consequences of bereavement will vary for each individual. Palliative care integrates the psychological, spiritual, and cultural aspects of care, and offers a support system to help carers and families cope […]

GP Shared Care Obstetric | December 2022

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas! Hello! On behalf of the GP Partners Board, myself and my Team, I wish you all the very best for the festive season. I hope that you are able to find some time to reflect on yet another busy year, with all the usual challenges and the continued […]

Manage exam-related anxiety during your fellowship exams with these 5 tips

You are preparing to sit a very important exam for your career. In fact, your whole career depends on you passing this (or these) exams. But when you think about the approaching exam you start to feel rising anxiety, coming up from your feet, like a wave that’s going to engulf you, pulling you down […]

Session Seven | 15th January 2023

Depression is a common condition in individuals receiving palliative care and can result from the emotional and psychological stress of a serious illness, as well as from physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and loss of independence. Depression can lead to feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and decreased energy and motivation, and it can also interfere […]

Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?

Have you started preparing for your Fellowship exams such as the RACGP AKT/KFP/CCE, ACRRM MCQ or another medical specialty? Many people put their lives on hold until they sit these important exams – and though it can be a challenge, it is usually time well spent. All will agree that they only want to have […]

Session Five | 7th December 2022

It can often be difficult to be certain that a person is dying. Recognising when a person’s death is approaching is an important clinical skill as it allows the healthcare team and the person, family, and carers to prepare. When someone dies at home, the family need to know what happens. This can be discussed before […]

First day of summer and optimism

The first day of Summer can bring a sense of optimism for many. In fact, these feelings of new beginnings that the start of summer brings has been written about by countless authors and poets over the centuries. It’s something about the warm sun and lightness after months of rain, clouds and storms that lifts […]

A rural generalist with Mental Health, front of mind

As a rural generalist, Dr Wil Daehn had a distinctive interest in the field of Mental health and this combined with a known shortage of these skills especially in regional and rural communities, Wil has pursued his interest and now provide his community with a much need set of specialist skills. “…I had a specific […]

How to make your CV standout from the crowd

Doctors devote their careers – and probably more accurately, their lives – to helping others, so much so that many doctors overlook the resources and skills that are often required to succeed in today’s job market. You’ve spent so many years focussed on the learning, training and working aspects of your career to get to […]

Mindfulness for the Busy GP

Ever notice when you are distracted, trying to ‘multi-task’ with minimal success, or are on automatic pilot? Though acting automatically can be helpful in many situations, problems can arise when we spend most of our lives in this way. Being distracted and zoning out of experiences can affect our relationships and work performance, as well […]