‘Strengthening Medicare’ GP Grants Program

Good afternoon, GP Partners Australia and Ternity Maternal & Parenting Support are pleased to announce ‘Nourish Baby’ for your Practice GP Partners Australia is committed to promoting General Practice as the major focus of primary health care and as the prime entity for the delivery of effective integrated health management for individuals and families in the community. We […]

GP ADHD Shared Care Program

‘What is it all about?’ It is brand new and we are excited! The Shared Care model seeks to bring together the knowledge and experience of tertiary specialist clinicians, and general practitioners on the understanding that improving the quality of help requires recognition of multiple perspectives, and that inclusivity is critical. Continued cross collaboration will […]

GP Shared Care Obstetric

Sharing Important Updates With You! Hello! We hope that you are well and relishing the final bursts of fading sunny autumn weather. As daylight savings ends, the nights lengthen, our skies darken and colder weather maliciously seeps into our busy lives, we trust that you will draw comfort from one lovely thought – that our […]

I’ve just sat my written exams – what do I do now?

You’ve done it – you’ve sat your RACGP written exam(s). Congratulations! Now what? You’re likely feeling relieved that the exams are over and hopefully confident that you’ve passed and that you can tick written exams off your to-do list and move on to thinking about the CCE or other bigger and brighter milestones in your […]

GP guide to omega-3 testing in pregnant women to prevent premature births

Many healthcare professionals are unaware that screening all pregnant women for their omega-3 status during pregnancy is now recommended. It’s a simple but important test – here’s everything you need to know.  The latest National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Department of Health National Pregnancy Care Guidelines recommend assessing the omega-3 fatty acid status and […]

GP Shared Care Obstetric

Important Updates for You! SA Pregnancy Hand Held Record Version 15 of the Pregnancy Hand Held Record is now available. Other versions are now not to be used. AMENDMENT: Space to Record Rubella Titre Result in SAPR In the recent update of the South Australian Pregnancy Record (SAPR version 15), the space to record the […]

GP Shared care Obstetric

Welcome to 2023 Hello! Welcome back and welcome to 2023! Already one month has passed and we are back in the thick of things. We hope that you all enjoyed a refreshing break, and you are now ready to leap into 2023! Well, we read your mind. We are thrilled to release our first newsletter for this year. […]

GP Shared Care Obstetric

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Hello! On behalf of the GP Partners Board, myself and my Team, I wish you all the very best for the festive season. I hope that you are able to find some time to reflect on yet another busy year, with all the usual challenges and the continued […]

Manage exam-related anxiety during your fellowship exams with these 5 tips

You are preparing to sit a very important exam for your career. In fact, your whole career depends on you passing this (or these) exams. But when you think about the approaching exam you start to feel rising anxiety, coming up from your feet, like a wave that’s going to engulf you, pulling you down […]

Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?

Have you started preparing for your Fellowship exams such as the RACGP AKT/KFP/CCE, ACRRM MCQ or another medical specialty? Many people put their lives on hold until they sit these important exams – and though it can be a challenge, it is usually time well spent. All will agree that they only want to have […]