Why Starting Early Matters: Exam Prep for RACGP KFP and CCE

It can be difficult to sit down and start studying, especially as most doctors already have a busy schedule. Fitting in study can feel like aiming for the impossible! So, it’s understandable that starting your exam preparation earlier than you may have planned seems unreasonable – many of you will be thinking why?  Here is […]

Why Starting Early Matters Exam Prep for RACGP KFP and CCE Blog Feature

Not everyone’s work-life balance looks the same and that’s ok!

When you hear the words ‘work-life balance’ you probably imagine finishing work at lunchtime, spending quality time with friends and family, squeezing in a productive gym session all before dinner with the family at 7pm. Whilst this may be possible for some, it isn’t always achievable. The meaning of work-life balance is different for everyone. […]

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The CBT-i Approach for Insomnia Management 

Clinical outcomes support the benefits of CBT-i, including shortened time to fall asleep, fewer disruptions during the night, improved sleep quality, and a resultant boost in daytime functionality.  So what is CBT-i and how can it be used in primary care for insomnia management?  As general practitioners and primary healthcare teams are well aware, insomnia […]

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Legislative Update: Essential Insights for GPs on the Latest Cosmetic Regulations

In the past six months, general practitioners and the wider medical community have witnessed a landmark shift in the cosmetic surgery landscape in Australia. With the introduction of significant reforms that came into play on 1 July 2023, the industry has seen a surge in quality standards and a revamped approach to patient care. These […]

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GP Obstetric Shared Care Newsletter | Wrapping Up 2023 | December 2023

Your GP Obstetric Shared Care Team are big believers in the power of staying in the loop! Your ongoing dedication and active participation in the program play a pivotal role in making it a success! We are thrilled to bring you the latest developments and pertinent updates in our Obstetric Shared Care Program, delivered promptly […]

Smart note taking for your exams

Most of us are visual learners and this means an efficient note-taking strategy is an invaluable contribution to success in your Fellowship exams.   The breadth and depth of content you’ll need to master in preparation for your exams requires that you find an effective method to encode and recall this information. Being a capable and […]

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GPEx Expands into Clinical Trials in Primary Care

GPEx is excited to announce that we are expanding into delivering clinical trials in primary care as a site management organisation. We have been planning for this expansion in the latter half of 2023 with the aim to have our new division up and running at the start of 2024. Our key point of difference […]

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GP ADHD Shared Care Program is coming

The exciting new GP ADHD Shared Care Program is coming! In collaboration with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), the Program will enable a seamless transition for young individuals with ADHD from specialist paediatric care to their GP, fostering continuity in treatment. The Program empowers GPs to manage long-term medication with the support of […]

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Obstetric Shared Care Program Grows to 810 GPs

In 2023, The GP Obstetric Shared Care Program celebrates a year of notable achievements, underscoring advancements in antenatal care for low-risk pregnancies statewide in South Australia. By achieving key performance indicators, the program has not only elevated primary care in public maternity hospitals but also effectively alleviated the burden on outpatient services. Central to this […]

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GPEx Fights Bowel Cancer with the Jodi Lee Foundation

Insights from market research by conducted by Kantar Public testify to the substantial impact of our educational efforts: GPs’ confidence in initiating bowel cancer screening conversations has climbed impressively from 25% to 83% after attending our webinars. This achievement mirrors the dedication and hard work that GPEx, in partnership with the Jodi Lee Foundation, has […]

GPEx fights bowel cancer together with the Jodi Lee Foundation_ Blog Feature