Latest Covid-19 Update on CPD

Dear Obstetric Shared Care GPs, I hope that you were able to manage some COVID-free time over the Easter break, and that you and your families are adjusting to life and to the impact of social distancing. It is hard to imagine what life was like just a few short weeks ago. Things are changing […]

Modified Screening for Diabetes in Pregnancy During Pandemic

Dear Obstetric Shared Care GPs, GP Partners is working hard to provide you with all the latest developments and information to keep you up to date in relation to COVID-19. Please read the following statement from Associate Professor Rosalie Grivell – Chair of the SA Health Maternal, Neonatal, Gynecological Community of Practice providing information about the […]

Coronavirus Information for You and Your Patients

Dear Obstetric Shared Care GPs, On March 14th the Chief Medical Officer implemented social distancing measures and restricted the size of gatherings. Since then we have seen numerous changes that have resulted in flow on effects to the provision of obstetric care for women and their families. As a community, we are currently advised to stay at home unless […]

The introduction of Telehealth for GPs in the unchartered waters of COVID-19

The introduction of telehealth item numbers for general practice in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has been widely welcomed by GPs, practices, and patients. With the expansion on March 30, 2020, to open up telehealth for all Australians, and even add more telehealth MBS item numbers for mental health and chronic disease management – […]

Covid-19 Update – Obstetric Shared Care GPs

Dear Obstetric Shared Care GPs, As we continue to ride the crazy rollercoaster of COVID-19, we are continuing to provide relevant and timely updates to all our Obstetric Shared Care GPs. In this update: South Australian Obstetric Guidelines (COVID-19) Or Queensland Health | COVID-19 and Pregnant Staff GuidelineThis document has been highly recommended. Breast Feeding […]

An Important Message from CEO Of GP Partners Australia

What we are doing What you can expect from us In this time of COVID-19, this is an important message to all the first Responders on the ground – the GPs, Nurses, Practice Managers and their Practice Staff who make it happen. The coming days and weeks will be critical in the fight against this pandemic […]

Expansion of Telehealth Services

GPs have asked us for assistance with what is happening in the telehealth space. We know that our GP providers are dealing with unprecedented events and very challenging situations with the COVID-19 pandemic. By utilising technology to better communicate and care for patients is of growing importance for the General Practice community. The Government is […]

Update from the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network

A letter from Dr Anupam ParangeHead of Obstetrics and GynaecologyWomen’s and Children’s DivisionNORTHERN ADELAIDE LOCAL HEALTH NETWORK Dear Obstetric Shared Care GP,RE: NALHN OBSTETRIC GP SHARED CARE COVID-19 PLAN NALHN Obstetric and Midwifery team have reviewed our work practices in line with recommendations from RANZCOG re Coronavirus. I therefore to advise you of the following […]

Covid-19: Advice and Information

GP Partners Australia is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and will be providing our Obstetric Shared Care GPs updated information as it comes to hand. Currently there is limited information on the effects of COVID-19 in pregnancy, however a preliminary study suggests no mother to child transmission (RANZCOG). Pregnant women are advised to take […]

Further Updates and Information on Covid-19

GP Partners Australia is closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and will be providing our Obstetric Shared Care GPs updated information as it comes to hand. The RCOG in the UK has provided COVID-19 and pregnancy information for Women and Clinicians. Refer to: Also below is a further reference: Other Information Sources:We encourage you to refer […]