First day of summer and optimism

The first day of Summer can bring a sense of optimism for many. In fact, these feelings of new beginnings that the start of summer brings has been written about by countless authors and poets over the centuries. It’s something about the warm sun and lightness after months of rain, clouds and storms that lifts […]

A rural generalist with Mental Health, front of mind

As a rural generalist, Dr Wil Daehn had a distinctive interest in the field of Mental health and this combined with a known shortage of these skills especially in regional and rural communities, Wil has pursued his interest and now provide his community with a much need set of specialist skills. “…I had a specific […]

How to make your CV standout from the crowd

Doctors devote their careers – and probably more accurately, their lives – to helping others, so much so that many doctors overlook the resources and skills that are often required to succeed in today’s job market. You’ve spent so many years focussed on the learning, training and working aspects of your career to get to […]

Mindfulness for the Busy GP

Ever notice when you are distracted, trying to ‘multi-task’ with minimal success, or are on automatic pilot? Though acting automatically can be helpful in many situations, problems can arise when we spend most of our lives in this way. Being distracted and zoning out of experiences can affect our relationships and work performance, as well […]

Failed one of your GP Fellowship exams – now what?

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” Michael Jordan Have you recently found out that you failed your Fellowship exam, like the RACGP KFP, AKT or CCE exams, or the ACRRM MCQ? How are you feeling? You may be feeling hurt, confused, angry, ashamed, embarrassed, all of these […]

What is the Clinical Framework for Allied Health Professionals?

The key to rehabilitation for any patient after surgery or significant injury is a whole of person approach that aims to maximise quality of life and minimise the need for ongoing health support. Allied Health Professionals play a key role in delivering rehabilitation services to people who have been injured at work, driving their recovery […]

How to deal with procrastination while preparing for your KFP, AKT or MCQ Fellowship exams

Procrastination …the act of replacing high priority tasks or actions with enjoyable or less meaningful tasks. Procrastination has also been defined as voluntarily delaying an intended course of action despite expecting to be worse off for having done so. Putting off important tasks often results in feelings of guilt that may cause a loss of […]

8 signs you need help with your KFP, AKT and MCQ exam preparation

If you are preparing to sit your GP Fellowship exams with RACGP or ACRRM, you have no doubt heard about the different exam preparation programs which are available. With the exam fees already so expensive, are these exam preparation resources really worth it? Some candidates may opt to collate their own study resources by searching […]

Palliative Care – Pain Management, Connecting the Dots!

CPD Activity Event Details Port Lincoln Hotel1 Lincoln Highway, Port Lincoln SA 5606 Tuesday 25th October 20226.15pm – 9.15pm Complimentary dinner will be provided Connecting the Dots! We know that working in palliative care is about helping people to live, die and grieve well and that the teams who do this are made up of […]

Spring 2022….not quite yet!

Hello! Here is your invitation to our upcoming OSC CPD Activities that you won’t want to miss out on! First up, we have a CPD Activity on the 5th October 2022, at the lovely Adelaide Pavilion. As we strive to improve care and outcomes for women and their babies, our theme, “Sharpen Your Skills” aims to take you on […]