Perinatal Consultant Advice Line (PAL)

Dear Obstetric Shared Care GPs, You may be aware that SA Health introduced the PAL as a state-wide communication strategy in 2009 to assist clinicians secure consultant obstetrician and/or neonatologists advice in the event of a deteriorating perinatal patient. The revised Perinatal Consultant Advice Line Flow Chart has now been reviewed and approved by the SA […]

Pass your MCQ, AKT or KFP – Optimise your GP Exam Preparation with this checklist

A particular pattern of behaviours tends to represent successful MCQ, AKT and KFP exam preparation The more of these behaviours that you do and can ‘tick’ on this list, the more likely you are following an optimal GP exam preparation pattern to enable exam success. Though these behaviours don’t guarantee that you will pass your […]

Meet Dr Wissam Ghamrawi

Coming from a family of surgeons, Dr Wissam Ghamrawi assumed he would follow the same path, but there was always something missing. In general practice, Wissam found the daily diversity, the simplicity and the complexity, and above all the community that finally combined all his passions both inside and outside medicine. After four years in […]

Meet Dr Cicy Li

For Dr Cicy Li, being able to practice preventative medicine is the most rewarding part of her day as a training GP registrar. General Practice can take on many forms, preventive medicine referring to how primary care doctors can help to stop disease before it even starts in their patients. It is both a positive […]

Pregnancy Care Guidelines

Dear Obstetric Shared Care GPs, The Department of Health is seeking GP input for the revision of the Pregnancy Care guidelines. The specific areas being addressed in this consultation round are: A Google document has been set up to assist with gathering your comments and feedback. The draft Pregnancy Care Guideline document can be accessed below or […]

7 mistakes made in the KFP Fellowship examinations according to the RACGP

Following each of its fellowship exams after results are released, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) releases a report outlining the exam psychometrics (e.g., mean and standard deviation of the candidate cohort) as well as providing feedback to candidates regarding common errors made. But what has this got to do with your exam preparation, I hear […]

GPs – The Quick Guide on How to Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

Working as a GP can be draining and exhausting, yet very rewarding, work. You know that you’re supposed to be looking after yourself to enable you to do your job well. You want to approach your life and work with energy, empathy, and care but sometimes it feels like you are scraping the bottom of […]

Why you need a Performance Coach when preparing for your KFP, AKT/MCQ, CCE Fellowship Exams

Dr Sonya Vandergoot, GPEx’s Performance Coach explains why speaking to GPs about the challenges they face in preparing for their fellowship exams can help them do things differently or more effectively in order to achieve exam success. Becoming a GP can be both a very challenging and rewarding experience. The road to success can be […]

Perinatal Screening for Pregnant Women

Dear Obstetric Shared Care GPs, It is so important for pregnant women to be able to access perinatal screening, not only for DV, substance abuse or other mental health genetic predispositions but also to determine the level of surrounding support, anxiety, stress and general emotions about having a baby, particularly during COVID-19 times. A recent […]

Latest Update from RANZCOG

In light of the successful flattening of the curve in Australia and New Zealand, RANZCOG has now updated advice regarding routine antenatal care and birth.  RANZCOG recognises that individual institutions and other jurisdictions will have their own protocols in place, and these should be adhered to. There remains a risk of a second wave of infection […]